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So, here it is – one more blog in the sea of plenty. It feels great to finally kickstart it after months of pondering whether I should or should not take it up. It is also overwhelming to realize the minuteness of this little space that I am trying to create here amongst the enormous wealth of information, insight, and stories already on the world-wide web. Somewhat like finding yourself so insignificantly small when gazing at the starry August sky…

My main fear and doubt was whether I would have enough time and perseverance to keep it up and make into what I want it to be. Won’t know if I don’t try it, right?

I am hoping that ‘Sunshine Intentions’ serves me as a motivation to write regularly and to find time for things that I enjoy. And of these there are many.

* First of all, writing. There is no blog without that, obviously. I have always loved writing, be it essays for school, letters to friends, poems or just my personal diary. I have had this on-off affair with writing for my entire life. The intention is for this blog to discipline me into writing regularly and sharing it with others.

* Photography. I am an absolute amateur at it, but I absolutely love it. And a blog just has to have pictures.

* I am also interested in healthy living. I care about my food and want it to be grown naturally, contain nutritious benefits, and taste nicely. However, I cannot grow it all myself. So how do I learn to make the right choices? How do I stay aware and cautious without going overboard? The same with physical activity – i am always keen to find ways to move that fit into my family’s life naturally and feel like fun.

* Who does not like travelling? With a young child and a job to keep, I have to admit i do not do it as often as I would like. However, travelling does not have to be to the end of the world. I live in a beautiful country with plenty of it yet to be visited. And reported here on the blog.

* The thing that I love the idea of, but somehow struggle to actually find time for is many handcrafts. Hopefully, now and again, I will be able to show something I have made: knitted, sewn, upcycled, scrapbooked, or otherwise brought to life.

* I am also interested in ways of slowing down and simplifying life. To do things intentionally and by own choice rather than falling into a prescribed path. To stop and be in the moment. To step out of the virtual and into the real, tangible flesh of life. I know I know, I am starting a blog to do that 🙂 But there is a method to my madness. At least I think there is…

Let the journey begin!


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