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We’ve Got People!


IMG_20131031_0003b Hi. This is a very quick impromptu post to share a mother’s joy that will probably seem a little silly to the rest of the world.

My little one is my first child. Thus, apart from textbooks that tell when children should sit, stand, or crawl, I do not really have a point of reference for when any other ‘milestones’ are coming around. We just sort of live and see. It so happens, that today we made another little ‘first‘ in the flow of our ordinary days. As I was setting up my newly acquired printing-photocopying-scanning machine, my daughter decided to play post. She got a pack of my old and slightly stained envelopes, pulled out her markers as well as old postcards and got busy. It took me a while to notice her ‘addresses’ – they were actual little people! I know that probably seems not that extraordinary to you (kids do scribble, right?). And it probably isn’t. Except for the fact that up to now all her drawing was either abstract inexplicable mess (which I love, don’t get me wrong) or simple circles and oblong shapes. This is the first time ever that I saw her draw a FACE. I asked her what that was and she very patiently and matter-of-factly pointed, “a mouth, a nose, and these are the eyes”. Oh the little joys!.. 🙂

This orange guy, I was told, is a froggy.

This orange guy, I was told, is a froggy.


Happy colourful people 🙂


3 thoughts on “We’ve Got People!

  1. Wonderful little people! I can understand that you are bursting with pride and happiness over your daughter!

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