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10-Minute Princess and Other Post-Halloween Reflections

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Welcome to November. The trick-or-treaters have left. November has dawned fresh and sunny here (perfect for a driving lesson and then a stroll to the shops with the little one, taking in the beautiful autumn colours).

There’s candy left after Halloween. Something we do not normally have in our house. All kinds of sweet and desserts, but not candy. And it is proving to be irresistible to the smallest inhabitant. A big blue magnetic box of candy 🙂 I watched my girl today pull a heavy dining chair to the kitchen counter, climb onto it, open the box and get the nicest candy. Interestingly, after she got the sweet out of the wrap, she did not just gobble it up immediately. No, she put the wrap in the bin and went to the sitting room. She took time to get really comfortable on the sofa, then put the candy in her mouth, closed her eyes, and slowly savoured the treat with obvious delight. As I stood and watched her unnoticed, I couldn’t help thinking, how nobody needed to teach her to stop and take pleasure, how nothing else existed for her in that moment. When do we stop knowing that? When do we sign up for endless multitasking, and whatever pleasure we allow ourselves is on-the-go, squeezed in between important things that need to be done?


As for Halloween itself, we decided not to go trick-or-treating. She’s only two and a half and I am sure there’s plenty of years of that once she starts formal education. However, I thought it might be nice for her to dress up just a little to meet the trick-or-treaters knocking on our door. As she is not very big into the dress-up yet, we went the safe way with the ‘princess skirt’ that she has already put on a few times and enjoyed. (I found it in a charity shop for 2 euro and liked the fact that it did not feel cheap and plastic like most of the stuff on the market.) She has imagined herself a magic wand out of the flower-shaped bag clip, so that was taken care of. All we needed was a crown. I had seen a great idea on somebody’s blog a while ago. (Unfortunately, I did not save it at the time and cannot give due credit to the author now).


Basically, I just measured a thick cardboard band to suit my daughter’s head, taped the ends together, and sewed the yellow leaves on. It was quick and simple. And perfect. Especially considering that the interest lasted for about ten minutes! She donned her costume on, admired herself in the mirror, got all the possible compliments of daddy and… that was it. The skirt and the crown were hung on the chair, and the skirtless princess went dancing with her mother (to this 🙂 ) followed by a game of hide-and-seek. When all the horrible witches and monsters arrived at our door, none of them met the princess – just a curious little girl who was not too eager to part with her newly discovered candy. Definitely too early to go trick-or-treating.



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