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One spring in Paris… Peoplewatching in the City of Lights

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laVie1c Paris. Surrounded by myth and magic. (So much so that it is difficult to objectively make your own mind about it, isn’t it?) Its reputation inevitably precedes it. But maybe that in itself is inevitable – what with all the history and art and literature and the eccentric French…

Anyway, the two times that I visited the city, it was a truly great experience. After all the landmarks were checked off the list on the first visit, I knew exactly what I wanted for the next trip. We just relaxed and experienced Paris. Walked the parks, had amazing fresh pastry for breakfast, dined in cafes, drank wine on the banks of the Seine, and simply enjoyed ourselves. And also, watched the French.

I love watching people, especially when on travels. I like trying to sense what life is like for the locals, to get the feel of their normal and usual ways, things so ordinary and natural to them that they do them without thinking.

We brought home plenty of pictures on both occasions. They are  a great way to remember our trips. However, when I get a bout of Parisian nostalgia, when I want to, for a moment, deceive myself I am in Paris, then i reach for a special folder among my photographs. The on that, to my heart, captures that Parisian sense of ease, being in the moment, and at peace with life. I hope you enjoy these pictures too.


One thought on “One spring in Paris… Peoplewatching in the City of Lights

  1. Nice pictures. I’m currently living in Martinique, so I shouldn’t miss any of this, but I do.

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