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Amazing Creatures At My Door

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goodies2Look what I’ve got! Look what I’ve got! Look what I’ve got! I am giddy with excitement today. It is always great to receive something in the post. But oh so much so when that something is two shore-strolling-purple-crustacean-madammes and a-fire-bird-femme-fatale! (Even though I ended up paying a very unexpected customs duty for the first time in my life.) I have been looking forward to this crew for a while now. Ever since I stumbled across the virtual space of an illustrator called the busy mockingbird and stumbled across this post. I read her entire blog and ordered a few of the amazing creatures the same day.

These unusual ladies (and many more astonishing creations) are the works of a spectacular mother and daughter team. Born out of sheer joy of creativity and collaboration, they are lively, curious, and absolutely unique. I love their unpredictability which, I am sure, is the result of freedom for each party to go where their imagination takes them, and go there together.

It is great fun to see what new concepts Mica and Myla come up with. I will definitely keep watching out for new creations. In the meantime, I will have some extraordinary ladies to keep me company and to remind me that great things don’t necessarily need to be planned, but rather can be born of sheer joy of each other’s company and letting creativity run wild.


P.S. Check the above link to the original post or check their store and tell me what you think of all this amazingness 😉


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