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Mother, Concerts, and Kitchen Curtains


Forgive me if I have been a little quiet lately. My mom was visiting from Lithuania. Thus computer screen lost out on my time and attention, I’m afraid.

It was great to have her around. First of all, for her granddaughter who got to spend a lot of time with her granny. Which in turn meant that I got to spend time with my husband. This was a great change from having a toddler running around all the time (as much as we love her running around 🙂 ). Beside squeezing in a few driving lessons (I am hoping to become a fully licenced driver next year), we also managed to go to a couple live concerts. We used to do that quite a bit in our childless days when getting out in the evenings didn’t even cost a thought. It is somewhat trickier now. However, managed to do that twice in 7 days while my mom was here – to see The National and Sigur Rós. Thank you, mom!

My mother has done a fmamaSiuvaair bit of sewing in her life. I remember her hunched over a sewing machine, buzzing away. It was great to be able to request for things that nobody else had (I still regret misplacing a stuffed black crow toy she had made from an old jacket – how many kids have stuffed black crows as toys?..) . She even made me a dress for high school graduation! However, I was not interested in sewing back then. Not until later in my life. By then, I was far away from home to get any advice. It was great being able to share that interest now, observing her work and learning some simple techniques for myself.

A good while ago I came across some lovely fabric and bought it with intention to make kitchen curtains myself. Only I never did. After taking my existing curtains down to be washed, I decided there was no point to iron and hang them back, as I would soon have the new ones. That was before Christmas. 2012! Eventually, I just cut and hung the fabric, to ‘temporarily’ cover the bareness. As my mother’s visit was approaching I admitted defeat and asked for help. She enjoyed being helpful and I loved seeing my fabric finally turning into the curtains I had envisioned. All that is left for me to do now is to sew my own tiebacks. Hopefully, I can manage that much.

uzuolaidosSo, these are the highlights of my life in the recent weeks. My mom has left now. Our life is falling back into its usual tracks. I will take up my virtual quill pen and show up here more regularly. Hopefully. (I will have some simple DIY pencil jars to show off very soon 😉 ).


3 thoughts on “Mother, Concerts, and Kitchen Curtains

  1. The curtains look lovely and your mom seems like a lovely person.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more, our son is 12 months old and we barely go out just as a couple.
    3 months ago, we visited my parents and it was just nice to leave our kid to them for a little while, and just enjoy to be together.
    And I agree with the trina59’comment, your mom seems nice

  3. Thank you, girls, for your kind words.
    We do have a minder for a day or two a week, but that is usually to cover the days when our shifts coincide. Occasionally, we do use it to go out and have a diner. But if we are not working, then it is often spent on going shopping for the house or doing some DIY on it. Going out in the evenings is complicated. Our ‘couple time’ is usually in our own sitting room, after the little one is fast asleep upstairs :)))

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