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Simple Washi Craft – Repurposed Food Tins


I have been storing food tins for a while now. It was time to make something out of them. As I had just bought my daughter new pencils and crayons, a pencil box seemed a perfect idea. But then some of them were on the small side. However, the whole thing was so enjoyable, that I just had to go and decorate them all. I am sure they will find their purpose in life later on 🙂

The process was very simple. I first covered the top rim with heavy-duty tape to avoid any cuts. There is probably a prettier way to do it (especially on the inside of the tin), but I could not think of it 🙂

Since my tins had spent a good while in the shed, waiting for inspiration to strike me, there were signs of rust on some of them. That required spray painting. This was my first time ever doing it, which is evident in the quality of work, I’m afraid. Luckily, most of it got covered anyway. The ones that were clean, I left untouched.


The last step was the easy and fun bit – just going mad with the washi tape and a couple of stickers for the little one. You could also use ribbons, twine – anything you can think of.

tins3tins2tins4The middle tin in the last picture is the artwork of my daughter (with a little help from her grandma). You can see some waves in the lines – she is only two and a half, after all. She only had enough patience for one tin, but she absolutely enjoyed picking out which tape to use and helping to stick it on.


If you do try your hand at something similar, please do share!


4 thoughts on “Simple Washi Craft – Repurposed Food Tins

  1. Nugi kaip gražu 🙂

  2. Very timely post! Cosco has the tape on sale in a big worthy-of-gift-giving package with a dispenser. Thanks for this!

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