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It’s Official – The Christmas Season Is Here

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lights8So, this is it. The first of December. Time to start opening advent calendars and count down to Christmas. We had a little celebration in our town yesterday: a small Christmas market, some carol singing and, of course, the switching on of Christmas lights. For the first time my daughter actually understood what was going on. Well, most of it. She wasn’t at all interested in Santa giving out candy! I kept trying to point him out in the crowd of excited kids, but her eyes were firmly sent on the newly lit Christmas tree – mouth slightly open, the face frozen in the expression of both amazement and delight. We had a great time.

Here are a few moments that I managed to snap while at the same time watching a super excited toddler running around with no fear whatsoever of getting lost.




The main street is all lit up as well.

I wish everyone a peaceful and meaningful time coming up to Christmas!


One thought on “It’s Official – The Christmas Season Is Here

  1. Hi there! Thanks for following my blog! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Linda.

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