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A Movie Night All on My Own


As my husband was leaving for the night shift yesterday evening, my little girl was already showing signs of being tired and possibly falling asleep ahead of our routine bedtime.

If she goes to bed early, you can put on a movie for yourself,’ – he said.

Now, I am not the person with endless ‘to do’ list, overworked and exhausted. I kinda love myself and treat myself often to little pleasures of life. And yet, it has been a time since I sat down, put everything aside and watched a movie all on my own. I usually have a myriad of little projects going on the side. And, since time on my own, without a little person demanding for my attention, is not in great supply yet, I always feel compelled to use it in the most productive way. This means that when I am left on my own, I will put a movie on (something that does not require much attention and can be followed without actually properly looking at, just running in the background), switch the computer on, open a dozen of websites at the same time, and then maybe have my planner-notebook on the side to write down ideas. Not exactly staying in the moment…

Cover of "Before Sunrise"

As my husband left for work, his suggestion lingered on with me. With Christmas approaching fast, there is plenty to be done around the house. Our guest bedroom has currently been turned into the elves’ workshop with separate boxes spread out and presents being distributed, lists made. However, I decided I deserved a movie. More than that, I deserved to sit down and watch it, no little things going on the side, no distractions. I have been wanting to watch the whole “Before…” trilogy for a while now. As soon as my little one drifted into the land of dreams, I came downstairs, made myself a big mug of tea, and found myself on the train to Vienna with Jesse and Celine in “Before Sunrise“. I did bring a little knitting project along, to be honest. But I did chose the one that has an easy pattern and requires barely any looking at it. Besides, I love knitting and barely find any time to do it lately, so it was ok.  When the movie ended, it was nearly midnight. I was so curious to see what became of the main characters, that I decided to have a small peak into the second installment of their story, “Before Sunset“, and, of course, ended up watching it all. I even had a small peak into the final part, “Before Midnight“, but will have to watch it properly some other time.

It was nearly 2 AM when I went to bed. Getting up today was not very easy. But you know what – it was absolutely worth it. Even though most of the things I put on my mental ‘to do’ lists are usually enjoyable, I have a habit of trying to do too many of them at the same time. Even fun things can be exhausting, when your mind is trying to go a dozen different directions. It is great to slow down and enjoy one simple thing for what it is. I should definitely do it more often.


3 thoughts on “A Movie Night All on My Own

  1. I loved the first two movies, and I can’t wait to get to Before Midnight. I do have a confession to make though, as with all movies in this genre, I was …my words exactly: “what???no hot steamy sex??” and then belatedly realised it didn’t matter at all. It was so beautiful.

  2. :))) I was not expecting sex at all, actually. And that scene at the very end of the second movie, where she says “You will miss your flight”, and he replies “I know”, with that spark in his eye – it’s so much sexier than sex 😉

  3. Agree with metalheadfairy: the other films by Jullie Delphy are terrific too. I am French and I find her sense of humor and the way she films relationships very unique.
    Also thank you for stopping by my blog.

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