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‘Flower Pot List’: 14 Gifts to Myself in 2014


You have probably heard of a ‘bucket list’. Well, this is not one of them. Partly, because I do not intend to kick the bucket. (I am not saying I won’t – who knows which day will be our last?) It’s just that this list is of things significantly smaller and less ambitious to be done within a short and very specific timeline. Neither is it a ‘to-do’ list of New Year goals and resolutions. I am calling this my ‘flower pot list’. And I am not kicking anything. No, I am placing ideas of little treats for myself, things that would give me joy and pleasure, and committing to attempt to make them happen throughout the coming year. It is so easy for the days to slip away, filled with daily tasks and duties, that you just forget to make time for things that give you pleasure. So, this is my New Year’s gift for myself – a sunshine yellow mental ‘flower pot’ filled with 14 ideas. They are as follows:

  • Make biscotti.

I love this Italian invention. Yet, it is not the cheapest to buy. I have been meaning to try my hand at it, but never got round to do it yet.

  • Turn family video clips into movie(s)

I have loads of short recordings from the first days of my daughter’s life onwards. They hardly ever get watched though, as they are just random moments – 30 seconds here, couple minutes there. I want to sit down, sort them and edit them into a few coherent short movies. This is sort of ‘to do’ task, but I know I will absolutely enjoy it once I sit down and crack the video editing program 🙂 .

  • Read something by the Russian classics

Reading a book is such a simple, but satisfying pastime. Lately, I have somehow drifted towards non-fiction. I realised I really miss novels. I miss getting lost in that fictional world, engrossed in the lives of characters. This year I feel like conquering something of the Russian classics. Maybe Anna Karenina?..

  • Go on a photo trip all on my own

Nowhere far. Just to spend a few hours with myself and the camera observing the world around me.

  • See Cirque du Soleil

If you have not heard about them, Cirque du Soleil is a circus with a difference. they don’t use any animals, but instead produce a fascinating fusion of music, drama, highly skilled acrobatics, and etc. I am not really a circus fan, but I have been intrigued by them for a good while now. And we already have two tickets for their end of May show in Ireland, so it is very likely to happen.

  • Put up a bird feeder in the garden

I’d love some birds in the garden. But I would also love if they did not eat our tiny crop of salads and berries. I wonder, would the bird feeder help at all? Keep them full and uninterested in our goods maybe?..

  • Go glamping

I spent my childhood summers camping with my family. Not in camper vans and special sites. We would usually pitch a tent in the wild fields or forest by a lake or a river and – even though for a short time – be part of nature: run around barefoot, catch fish, cook food in bonfire, go swimming, read a book in the shade of a tree, and watch the wildlife. It was total bliss. I miss it. So this year we are going glamping. I know it will be a far cry from the summers of my youth. But I expect a new experience that will hint to the memories of the old. I expect some time to switch off and disconnect. And a few pretty pictures for the blog, hopefully.

  • Take a cookery class

I always thought cookery classes to be such an expensive and unneccessary luxury. Can’t you find recipes or video instructions online and learn whatever you want to do? But then, one day in December, I read a message in a magazine on a short cookery class in the Italian breads. Now, I cannot get this idea out of my mind. I think I will have to take it – have a few hours of fun, experience and possibly even learn something new.

  • Watch our wedding video

This coming July will mark ten years since the lovely summer’s day when I married the man who, after all these years, I am still getting to know. It was a simple, but wonderful celebration. And it has been a while since we sat down and watched the recording of it from start to finnish. No better time to do it than in 2014. More than once, possibly.

  • Go to a museum in Dublin

It is so easy to forget what you have on your doorstep. The National Gallery in Dublin alone has plenty to offer. I want to treat myself to at least one museum in Dublin this year.

  • Try my hand at candle making

I better not mention it to my husband that I got curious about yet another crafty thing. However, it does sound fun, simple, and very practical. What’s not to like?

  • Get a foot massage

Massage is probably an ultimate treat, so no surprise here.

  • Make a rag rug

Another crafty thing on the list. It is relatively simple and it uses old fabric that would end up thrown away to make something nice and cosy for the home. I have to try it.

  • See the unseen part of Ireland

I have been living in this beautiful country for many years now and haven’t seen nearly enough of it. The trip to Connemara last year, for instance, was a great success and one of the highlights of the year. In 2014, I have to visit at least one part of Ireland where I have not yet been.

Well, these are my treats in 2014. What will you gift to yourself?


3 thoughts on “‘Flower Pot List’: 14 Gifts to Myself in 2014

  1. Love the idea of adding pieces of joy and happiness into your life, thank you for sharing. A goal of mine is to go camping and walk up Snowdon, simply because they fill me with happiness 🙂 Wishing you every success in 2014!

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