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When Labels Are, Surprisingly, True

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How do you know if your watch is waterproof? Well, it should be written somewhere on the screen if it is, right? Only things aren’t always what they claim to be. So, is there a better way to find this out? Well, apparently, if you are me, you just toss it into the washing machine and give it a good spin along with your clothes. I have to admit I did not do this intentionally. I was honestly surprised to take the clothes out of the machine and discover my hand watch lying at the bottom of the spinning wheel, all nice and clean. I was even more surprised it was still working! It did say ‘waterproof’, but surely not waterproof enough to survive a good spin in the washing machine? Well, days keep going by and the watch shows no sign of being in any trouble, not even the slightest hiccup. Well done, fossil!

It got me pondering, however, what a sad world we live in, if a label being correct is a cause for surprise and celebration rather than a normal thing. Words do not mean much nowadays. Definitely not with products. Is anybody really surprised anymore that a diet yoghurt is loaded with sugar, that a cashmere sweater is actually 6% cashmere and 94% everything else, that a natural hair product contains only 0,5% of herbal extract? Nothing seems to be true or real.

Trying to be a discerning shopper is a headache. It takes too much time, too much effort. We have lives to live. And so we simply accept that we just do not know what we are eating, wearing, or using in our homes. We accept that we do not really have control of our lives. We give in to the fact that this is just the way things are and there is nothing we can do. What can we do? There has to be a way around this, doesn’t there?


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