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The People Are Back!


A good while ago, I shared my daughter’s first drawings of people. They appeared mysteriously, out of nowhere, and then ceased to be in the same mysterious manner. After those drawings that I shared, she never drew people again. I asked her to try a few times, but she blankly refused. So I abandoned the topic.

Yesterday, I was trying out this new recipe for our Sunday breakfast. It was taking me a while, so the bored girl got out her markers, some paper, and started working away to pass the time. And all of a sudden the people were back! Six months after the first incident, once again without prompting or anything to explain this timing, she started drawing people. And this time they were not just random faces, but the people she knew very well – our family!


“This is my Daddy. My Daddy is beautiful.”


Autoportrait. I think she looks like a really happy little girl, don’t you?


“Mommy’s magic show. She has glasses and hat and mouth…” Looks more like ‘Mommy’s horror show’ if you ask me. I have never shown her any magic tricks, so I am not sure where this Mommy’s magic show is coming from…

This last one is probably my favourite. Not because it is a picture of me (at least that’s what I was told it is, for it looks more like a snowman in awe to me). It’s just that it is so creative and has a magical quality to it. It definitely captures a feeling.


“Mommy in the Snow”

I was delighted to see people coming back into my Sparrow’s pictures as much as I was surprised. Who knows whether we are going to see more of them from now on or will they leave us again for a while. So far, I am puzzled by the little mystery of them appearing and disappearing…




5 thoughts on “The People Are Back!

  1. The drawings are lovely and Mummy in the snow is really special. Maybe that is how she saw you when you lifted her over your head when playing.

    • Maybe that’s what it is, Trina. /Does not explain why I look like a snowman:))) / But then some stuff in her head is totally untraceable, so who knows… 🙂

  2. Gražūs piešinukai. Išsaugok. 🙂

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