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A Stroll Around Dublin on a Sunny Day



Have you ever been to Dublin? If not, I invite you to take a little virtual stroll with me.

I cannot believe how fast this year is flying by. The first few months of 2014 fluttered away in such speed that they are only a blur in my memory. And here we are in May already, 1/3 of the year gone. Some of you may remember the ‘flower pot list‘ I drew before the beginning of 2014. Well, I thought it was about time to start acting on it. Or else I will be left with very many gifts to give myself towards the end of the year.

This will not be a very touristic stroll at all. I got a pointer from somebody at work about a street in the city that is packed with curious vintage, second-hand, and antique shops. So, one sunny day last week, I left my daughter with the minder, grabbed my camera bag and boarded a train to town. What you see bellow is a mix of snapshots from my stroll in Dublin city.

I wandered away from the well-known streets of the city centre towards the areas that were less familiar. There is something liberating in just strolling around, looking for something to catch your eye, enjoying the moment, and taking in the surroundings. And, when you slow down and look, you can be amazed at the amount of curious and beautiful things that were always under your nose…

kombi2kombi3 kombi4 kombi5kombi6

Once again, I was reminded that sometimes getting lost turns out to be a great thing. As I veered off course in my search for Francis Street, I inadvertently stumbled upon the Fumbally Caffe. It is a vibrant place of character, good food, and community spirit. An article about it in a magazine caught my attention a good while ago, but I had forgotten all about it. Since I hardly ever get to that part of Dublin, I was unlikely to visit anytime soon. Yet, here I was standing in front of it, looking at the place, and smiling at my unexpected luck.



As for the shops themselves, I did not buy much. But that was not my main goal in the first place. Just getting there, taking my time to browse the eclectic assortment of quirky stuff was a pleasure in itself. I came back home with a few baskets that I intend to turn into planters and some tiny cups to become home-made candles. When I achieve the latter, I will be able to check-mark another one of the 14 items on my ‘flower pot list‘ for this year.



4 thoughts on “A Stroll Around Dublin on a Sunny Day

  1. Nu gi labai dubliniška 🙂

  2. Hi There. I really like your writing and I nominated you for the Liebster Award. I hope you continue to sharing your story, I look forward to reading more. 🙂

    Here is a link to the nomination (it is on my blog with all of the details), http://inthelupus.org/2014/05/11/liebsteraward/.


    • Thank you so much! It is way too late and I am heading to bed. If, when I am awake and have a fresh head on me tomorrow, the nomination is still here, then I shall have a very serious think about all those answers, questions, and nominations 😉

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