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Well, it’s been quite a while!.. I’ve gone totally AWOL, haven’t I? Life took a little change of pace and, in keeping with my self-declared purpose of a ‘real and tangible life‘, I could not prioritize tapping away at my computer over actually living out the days away from it. I missed writing and was tempted to return here a few times. And, as you can see, here I am. Restarting 🙂 Giving it a try at least. Maybe less often and less regularly, but I do hope to keep sharing snippets of my life and thought with the small but lovely audience that used to visit this space.

In the meantime I have started a Facebook page. For all things small that do not really qualify for a blog entry. I am very aware of the tendency of our world to shred up meaningful narratives into weightless fragments of few-word status updates here and there, unable to convey much depth or sincerity. That is both the reason I stopped blogging (I felt unable to give it sufficient time and attention to dig deep enough) and the reason I am daring to take it up again (I believe it to be worth finding that time and effort). I miss sitting down and giving my thoughts time to materialize into a meaningful and shareable text that can in itself contain a level of ‘narrative’ rather than a fleeting declaration of the moment.

However, I am not immune to this tendency of short declarations, I suppose. Thus, the Pebble and Rainbow – something  between silence and actual writing. It is still at a very initial stage, but do feel free to check out (and maybe follow if you wish?..) As always, comments and reactions are very welcome!

Hope to see you soon 😉


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