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Living With – and Through – a Three-Year-Old

What is this? – asks my intrigued daughter pointing at the drops of dark red liquid slowly seeping out of her scraped knee. Once again, I am reminded of how differently she sees this world – unfamiliar, unexplained, enchanting… Nothing ‘goes without saying’, everything is an exciting revelation waiting to be discovered. One of the great rewards of being a parent is taking this journey of discovery together and having your eyes reopen to the things you thought familiar, ordinary, common… Or, to be more truthful, to the things you did not even think about or notice anymore. Seeing the world through the eyes of a three-year-old makes you question and wonder.
As I stick colourful plasters on her wounds, my girl has another ‘what is this’ moment.zaizdos

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A New Girl in Our House

Naming is a tricky business. At least for me, the aim is not only to pick something that sounds pleasing, but also to capture the essence of the ‘namee’. I remember a time in my childhood when my dad suggested playing pirates and asked me to pick a name for myself. ‘Rosalia’, I declared after giving it some thought. I was pleased with myself for coming up with something so unusual, distant, and exotic. Something very fitting of a female pirate 🙂

My daughter, on the other hand, does not seem that interested in the task of naming. Not yet. She has two dolls called ‘baby’ and one called ‘dolly’. So, when a new girl arrived at our house, I thought I would try to get her a more unique name.

Sparrow*, do you like your new dolly?

Yes, – she says, clutching a beautiful handmade girl to her chest.

What name will you give her?

She looks at me, pauses to think, and then victoriously announces: Continue reading

The People Are Back!


A good while ago, I shared my daughter’s first drawings of people. They appeared mysteriously, out of nowhere, and then ceased to be in the same mysterious manner. After those drawings that I shared, she never drew people again. I asked her to try a few times, but she blankly refused. So I abandoned the topic.

Yesterday, I was trying out this new recipe for our Sunday breakfast. It was taking me a while, so the bored girl got out her markers, some paper, and started working away to pass the time. And all of a sudden the people were back! Six months after the first incident, once again without prompting or anything to explain this timing, she started drawing people. And this time they were not just random faces, but the people she knew very well – our family!


“This is my Daddy. My Daddy is beautiful.”

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Three Years Old

Hello and sorry for the long silence. It was not supposed to rule this page for two solid months. First, there was sickness. Followed by visitors, then lots of work followed by more visitors and then straight onto a two-week holiday at home with my family and a third birthday to organize and celebrate soon after we got back. Phew… Life just grabbed and pulled me into this crazy vortex of all things happening at once leaving me with no chance to catch my breath. Most of it was great fun, but I am only just starting to come back to my senses. And, although I knew well ahead about some of these events and intended to blog through them, that – as you can easily see – did not happen.

So, my little sparrow of a daughter is three years old. It simultaneously feels like it should be less and more. Less because surely she could not be three – she was a baby only yesterday. When did she start using the big toilet and acquire her own friends to come to the birthday party? Yet, three years is also such a short time. Our life without her seems like a very very distant memory, certainly older than three years…


It is said that the first year of human life is the one of the most profound change. Never again does our body grow and develop so quickly, never again do we master new skills and grow in our understanding of the surrounding world at such a fast pace as in those first 12 months. However, this third year of her life was when the change in my daughter’s life struck me most. Kept striking and catching me off guard all the time. Continue reading

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Writing Challenge: A Day in Verbal Snapshots

It so happened, that I bought a new cell phone on Monday. My first smart phone. I have resisted the silent pressure until now. However, now that I have a phone that can do this and that and the other, the weekly challenge – announced on the very same Monday – is, of course, to put it away. To feel the world with all of our senses, to live, and to capture the moments with words, rather than camera. Luckily, I enjoy taking mental images, storing sights, sounds, smells, and emotions on paper. I sort of already started this without prompting, as you might remember.

So, here goes, one day in verbal snapshots. (I actually managed to take a few real ones in the evening, with camera, as you might have seen in this post.) Continue reading


A Glimpse

My girl has grown into another pair of trousers. (I don’t even remember when and where I bought them. They must have been a good price and I kept them for later, when she grows into them. And that she did.) They are warm and pink, and have two front pockets on the hips. She put them on for the first time today and went about her daily business of play as usual.


She comes to me in a funny walk. No shoes, dragging her feet along the floor. Continue reading

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10-Minute Princess and Other Post-Halloween Reflections

Welcome to November. The trick-or-treaters have left. November has dawned fresh and sunny here (perfect for a driving lesson and then a stroll to the shops with the little one, taking in the beautiful autumn colours).

There’s candy left after Halloween. Something we do not normally have in our house. All kinds of sweet and desserts, but not candy. And it is proving to be irresistible to the smallest inhabitant. A big blue magnetic box of candy 🙂 Continue reading