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Impromptu Mini Photo Shoot of the City. Dublin with No Make-Up

I finish my shift early on a Sunday morning. The next train is not for another 90 minutes. So I set off for the station slowly, deliberately taking detours, deciding wich way to turn only when I reach another junction.

As I move through the sleepy city, its natural beauty slowly catches my attention. This is Dublin with no make-up. Still in bed after last night’s celebrations and drama. The flattering lights of Saturday night replaced by taciturn laziness of the approaching Sunday.

I have only my phone to capture the sights in front of me. The battery is blinking low, so the flash refuses to work. I manage to snap a few shots before the phone finally dies and it is time for me to get onto the train and head home.

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On Holidays. Joys of Summer Living

2blogCombi2Well, that’s typical. We were getting ready to go on holidays. I got a blog post ready, so that I can type it in when I am away. Tore it out of my pretty notebook and… left it on the counter in the kitchen. So much for advance preparation…

And now, we are in a different world, on a different timeline. Life is good, tinted with the taste of summer. Days go by surrounded by family and friends, with us relaxed into our own selves. Lazy summer evenings, nostalgic meals. Holidays.

Here’s some snapshots of our recent days. See you back in the real life!

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Tickle My Soul. The Sacred Innocence in The Photographs of Alain Laboile

His subject is the ordinary days of family life. And yet his photographs capture something so deeply beautiful and vulnerable it hurts a little.


Photography by Alain Laboile


Photography by Alain Laboile


Photography by Alain Laboile

Alain Laboile is a French photographer I have discovered very recently, and I am absolutely smitten by his work. Living in an old house in rural France with his wife, six children, and no telly, he skillfully captures the fleeting beauty of childhood, the simple happiness of being together, the quiet connectedness to nature.

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A Stroll Around Dublin on a Sunny Day


Have you ever been to Dublin? If not, I invite you to take a little virtual stroll with me.

I cannot believe how fast this year is flying by. The first few months of 2014 fluttered away in such speed that they are only a blur in my memory. And here we are in May already, 1/3 of the year gone. Some of you may remember the ‘flower pot list‘ I drew before the beginning of 2014. Well, I thought it was about time to start acting on it. Or else I will be left with very many gifts to give myself towards the end of the year.

This will not be a very touristic stroll at all. I got a pointer from somebody at work about a street in the city that is packed with curious vintage, second-hand, and antique shops. So, one sunny day last week, I left my daughter with the minder, grabbed my camera bag and boarded a train to town. What you see bellow is a mix of snapshots from my stroll in Dublin city.

I wandered away from the well-known streets of the city centre towards the areas that were less familiar. There is something liberating in just strolling around, looking for something to catch your eye Continue reading


A Trip Down Memory Lane to Dingle, Ireland

It is a dark miserable day here today. The rain blasting on my window with fierce power, the wind wildly knocking about in the chimney like a trapped feral. Luckily, I am sitting inside wrapped in my green lambswool throw and the fire peacefully flickers away. I love today’s misery whilst I am cozily tucked at home. This is the day to stay at home.

Lately, however, I have been living with the urge to flee, to go exploring. I am getting tired of winter hibernation and my mind is getting carried away with making holiday plans for the year. It is too early, though. Not yet… While the Irish winter (as mild as it is this year) has not released its grasp yet, I resort to trips down memory lane. As well as down to the computer hard drive, where the pictures are stored. It is there that I decided to take you as well on this wet and miserable Friday morning.


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One spring in Paris… Peoplewatching in the City of Lights

laVie1c Paris. Surrounded by myth and magic. (So much so that it is difficult to objectively make your own mind about it, isn’t it?) Its reputation inevitably precedes it. But maybe that in itself is inevitable – what with all the history and art and literature and the eccentric French…

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