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Passionate or Curious About Home-Made Bread?

Hi, folks. I thought it might be about time for me to show my face around here, so to speak. Lately, I have been immersing myself in real, very non-virtual life. The little one has started preschool and we are all enjoying this new stage in her life as well as the change of routine to ours.

I haven’t abandoned cyber-space entirely, though. I have actually started a new project. It’s got to do with bread.painDeC05

I mostly make my own bread for our family’s consumption. Continue reading


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Fearless Living and Perseverance

At last, long shifts finished, my daughter sound asleep and I am in bed with my laptop, browsing my favourite blogs and just relaxing. I have not had the time for this kind of luxury for a while now. (Prefering to read real paper books before sleep, I rarely take my computer to bed with me. But I feel like I haven’t seen it for a good while now, thus the exception.) Our house stands on a hill, so we can see the rooftops of our little town out the bedroom window. Caught in the runmill of daily tasks and checklists, it is easy to forget how beautiful it all looks. I am taking the moment now to give out a loud sigh, relax my shoulders, and look out the window at the numerous street lights scattered in the dark. Life is good!

However, the blog stats say nobody has even taken a peek at this space of mine for the last week and I haven’t posted anything for eleven days. So I thought I would tell you a little about the last book I finished. It was a very easy, entertaining, and at the same time inspiring read.


Catrina Davies’ book ‘The Ribbons Are For Fearlessness: A Journey‘ is a captivating story of adventure against all odds. Catrina lives her life clinging to safety and familiarity. After her cliff-climbing and sea-surfing boyfriend leaves her and her best friend unexpectedly dies, she is left drifting aimlessly with nothing to cling to.

Her solution? To buy an old van, put her cello in it, and go busking all across Europe. Continue reading