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Passionate or Curious About Home-Made Bread?

Hi, folks. I thought it might be about time for me to show my face around here, so to speak. Lately, I have been immersing myself in real, very non-virtual life. The little one has started preschool and we are all enjoying this new stage in her life as well as the change of routine to ours.

I haven’t abandoned cyber-space entirely, though. I have actually started a new project. It’s got to do with bread.painDeC05

I mostly make my own bread for our family’s consumption. Continue reading


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Hello and Welcome!

So, here it is – one more blog in the sea of plenty. It feels great to finally kickstart it after months of pondering whether I should or should not take it up. It is also overwhelming to realize the minuteness of this little space that I am trying to create here amongst the enormous wealth of information, insight, and stories already on the world-wide web. Somewhat like finding yourself so insignificantly small when gazing at the starry August sky…

My main fear and doubt was whether I would have enough time and perseverance Continue reading