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Living With – and Through – a Three-Year-Old

What is this? – asks my intrigued daughter pointing at the drops of dark red liquid slowly seeping out of her scraped knee. Once again, I am reminded of how differently she sees this world – unfamiliar, unexplained, enchanting… Nothing ‘goes without saying’, everything is an exciting revelation waiting to be discovered. One of the great rewards of being a parent is taking this journey of discovery together and having your eyes reopen to the things you thought familiar, ordinary, common… Or, to be more truthful, to the things you did not even think about or notice anymore. Seeing the world through the eyes of a three-year-old makes you question and wonder.
As I stick colourful plasters on her wounds, my girl has another ‘what is this’ moment.zaizdos

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Tickle My Soul. The Sacred Innocence in The Photographs of Alain Laboile

His subject is the ordinary days of family life. And yet his photographs capture something so deeply beautiful and vulnerable it hurts a little.


Photography by Alain Laboile


Photography by Alain Laboile


Photography by Alain Laboile

Alain Laboile is a French photographer I have discovered very recently, and I am absolutely smitten by his work. Living in an old house in rural France with his wife, six children, and no telly, he skillfully captures the fleeting beauty of childhood, the simple happiness of being together, the quiet connectedness to nature.

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Writing Challenge: A Day in Verbal Snapshots

It so happened, that I bought a new cell phone on Monday. My first smart phone. I have resisted the silent pressure until now. However, now that I have a phone that can do this and that and the other, the weekly challenge – announced on the very same Monday – is, of course, to put it away. To feel the world with all of our senses, to live, and to capture the moments with words, rather than camera. Luckily, I enjoy taking mental images, storing sights, sounds, smells, and emotions on paper. I sort of already started this without prompting, as you might remember.

So, here goes, one day in verbal snapshots. (I actually managed to take a few real ones in the evening, with camera, as you might have seen in this post.) Continue reading