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Simple Washi Craft – Repurposed Food Tins

I have been storing food tins for a while now. It was time to make something out of them. As I had just bought my daughter new pencils and crayons, a pencil box seemed a perfect idea. But then some of them were on the small side. However, the whole thing was so enjoyable, that I just had to go and decorate them all. I am sure they will find their purpose in life later on 🙂

The process was very simple. I first covered the top rim with heavy-duty tape to avoid any cuts. Continue reading


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10-Minute Princess and Other Post-Halloween Reflections

Welcome to November. The trick-or-treaters have left. November has dawned fresh and sunny here (perfect for a driving lesson and then a stroll to the shops with the little one, taking in the beautiful autumn colours).

There’s candy left after Halloween. Something we do not normally have in our house. All kinds of sweet and desserts, but not candy. And it is proving to be irresistible to the smallest inhabitant. A big blue magnetic box of candy 🙂 Continue reading