Little things that feed the flame

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Impromptu Mini Photo Shoot of the City. Dublin with No Make-Up

I finish my shift early on a Sunday morning. The next train is not for another 90 minutes. So I set off for the station slowly, deliberately taking detours, deciding wich way to turn only when I reach another junction.

As I move through the sleepy city, its natural beauty slowly catches my attention. This is Dublin with no make-up. Still in bed after last night’s celebrations and drama. The flattering lights of Saturday night replaced by taciturn laziness of the approaching Sunday.

I have only my phone to capture the sights in front of me. The battery is blinking low, so the flash refuses to work. I manage to snap a few shots before the phone finally dies and it is time for me to get onto the train and head home.

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A Stroll Around Dublin on a Sunny Day


Have you ever been to Dublin? If not, I invite you to take a little virtual stroll with me.

I cannot believe how fast this year is flying by. The first few months of 2014 fluttered away in such speed that they are only a blur in my memory. And here we are in May already, 1/3 of the year gone. Some of you may remember the ‘flower pot list‘ I drew before the beginning of 2014. Well, I thought it was about time to start acting on it. Or else I will be left with very many gifts to give myself towards the end of the year.

This will not be a very touristic stroll at all. I got a pointer from somebody at work about a street in the city that is packed with curious vintage, second-hand, and antique shops. So, one sunny day last week, I left my daughter with the minder, grabbed my camera bag and boarded a train to town. What you see bellow is a mix of snapshots from my stroll in Dublin city.

I wandered away from the well-known streets of the city centre towards the areas that were less familiar. There is something liberating in just strolling around, looking for something to catch your eye Continue reading