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What Do You Think?

Christmas Dineer?..This is the window display of a butcher’s shop. Do you like it? I kind of do. For a few reasons. But mostly because it made me stop and think. Within a second, my brain cells went into numerous different directions: “Wow, that’s so cool!” – “Certainly unique” – “It’s a bit macabre…” – “Why would somebody put up something like that just before Christmas?..” – “But why not?”

And indeed, why not? It is, after all, traditional Irish Christmas dinner. It cannot be right that we have become so disconnected from what we eat. The sight of a dead animal is somehow inappropriate. However, inhumane conditions the animal lives in its entire live are alright. Having its flesh on our tables is alright. As long as we don’t see death. As long as we are not asked to make the connection between A and B. It seems, everything in our lives is so fragmented, disconnected. For what purpose?

Just some thoughts before Christmas…



My Thoughts on Food and Request for Help

When I started this blog a couple of months ago, one of the areas I said I would be exploring, was healthy eating and living. I do not think I have written one single post about it. Not because it does not interest me. It’s just that this topic has been on my mind for a good while without materializing into anything. I am not interested in fad diets or strict menus. What I am looking for is a wholesome approach – nutritious, healthy, and not overly complicated.

In the recent years, I have been poking and prodding at the ideas of vegetarianism, veganism, raw food, low GI… Some of them I am more acquainted with than others. However, I have not committed to any single one of them. I don’t even know if I want to. But I would certainly love a more defined approach for myself rather than reading about this or that, sampling a bit of the other, but mostly just sticking with my old routine ways.

I do not suppose anyone is going to define it for me. I will have to do it myself. The following are a few things I know by now. Continue reading

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Dinosaur Eggs for Dinner

Reconstruction of a Afrovenator abakensis. It ...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Luckily, my girl is not a picky eater. We do not need to chase her with a spoonful of food trying to persuade her to have a bite. As of late, she has gone off broccoli a little (she loved them and mange-tout beans at around 1.5 years), but she loves peas and carrots now. And cucumbers! So no problem here.

One thing she has failed to get excited about so far has been eggs. She does not hate them, she just shows no interest whatsoever. (Unless they are in pancake batter, but I do not think that counts). Dinosaur eggs, however, are a totally different matter. We have had them twice so far and both times with great success. I mean, who wouldn’t like some dinosaur egg?.. Continue reading