Little things that feed the flame


How Long Is Ten Years?

I first met him eighteen years ago at a seminar for those working with children where he attended as an assistant tennis coach. Tall, wide shouldered, with dark long hair he was hard not to notice. I was a few months short of fifteen though, and, at least to me, he looked much older than his nineteen years. I can’t remember if I even talked to him then. I wonder what would my reaction have been if somebody told me then: ‘See this one here? You know nothing about him now, but he is the man you will be married to for 10 years and counting‘. Unsurprisingly, nobody did.

I did not see him for the next few years after that. Continue reading



What Could Have Been/Should Not Have Been/Need Not Have Happened…


Choices (Photo credit: Sky Noir)

It is amazing (and a little frightening) to think how connected everything is. Connected in ways virtually invisible until something happens and one of these connections is broken off. All of the sudden, you find yourself watching the change ripple away in increasingly larger circles beyond your control.

One morning earlier this month, I slept out. The week before had been busy with all sorts of activities and not nearly enough time for sleep.

I woke up ten minutes before I had to be in the station boarding a train to work. Too late to even make it on my own, but this was one of the mornings when I had to take my daughter along too (some days we do this commuting dance where I take her to work with me and hand her over to my husband finishing his shift who then takes her to the minder). So, I asked my husband if he could come back and give me a lift. I would be in work less late than taking the next train and I would not need to wake my little one for another half an hour. Sounded like a good deal. It turned out to be quite the opposite. Continue reading