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Great Expectations, But Whose Are They?..

It was the Easter Sunday morning. The night before, a magical bunny had hopped around our back garden with a torch in hand hiding away chocolate eggs. I had plans for the day. We would go looking for eggs, she would be all excited, we would play games, then make cupcakes, some cinnamon cake, and have a day full of fun and sunshine. Instead, at nearly midday, I was sitting on the couch, wrestling a sobbing stubborn three-year-old in a fit of a tantrum, feeling exhausted, frustrated, and deflated. So much for my expectations of a great day…

Expectations are normal. Even necessary. After experiencing something in the same way for a few times, we conclude this is how the world operates and expect it to be this way the next time. We build on what we know and then go forward. Only we cannot experience everything ourselves. Sometimes we are just faced with the new and have no past references to fall back to. How do we know what to expect then? Who do we turn to?

That is where complications begin. There are always established pathways of the people before us or the people around us. It is not always wiser to take the path less travelled. The problem is that nowadays the people who have made the more trodden paths for you to fall onto often turn out to be absolute strangers who neither know you nor care about you. Media is one major incarnation of those influences. We are presented with photoshopped unrealistic bodies of celebrities along with ‘instruction manuals’ to replicate them. We are told, ‘This is what is expected of you’.ziemuze1-1c Continue reading



A Glimpse

My girl has grown into another pair of trousers. (I don’t even remember when and where I bought them. They must have been a good price and I kept them for later, when she grows into them. And that she did.) They are warm and pink, and have two front pockets on the hips. She put them on for the first time today and went about her daily business of play as usual.


She comes to me in a funny walk. No shoes, dragging her feet along the floor. Continue reading