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Postcrossing: Snail Mail in the Increasingly Fast World + a Little Giveaway

Let me start with a question. When was the last time you sent somebody a letter? And I do not mean e-mail. Or a printed sheet to some company querying the bill you received. I mean, when did you last sit down with a clean sheet of paper in front of you and a pen in your hand and told somebody about what is happening in your life, how you are getting on?

I used to love writing letters when I was younger. When I went off to college, even though I talked to my parents on the phone, I would still get paper letters with news from home and write them back telling about my life. My friends studying abroad as well as the ones living in the same town would often receive my heart spilt on paper. The two years of “dating” with my husband were actually a long distance relationship with numerous letters travelling back and forth between Ireland and Lithuania. (It is nice to sometime flip through them now and be transported in time).

Fast forward 10 years and I find myself hardly ever writing a letter. Not because I have no time. Continue reading