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A Curious Find: Gregg Shorthand Manual

As previously mentioned (here), I have, in the recent years, developed the love for old ‘lived in’ stuff. Furniture, kitchenware, toys, stories… I usually find them at charity shops, on e-bay, or other second-hand sale sites. However, this discovery I am about to share kind of found me. And very unexpectedly, I should say. While at work in a hospital ward that is about to be closed, I came across a well-worn little yellow book that, for some reason, was not packaged and put away along with the heap of other books that used to sit on the shelves there. A shorthand manual, published in 1960.



Up to now, I had never actually seen what shorthand looks like. Continue reading


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New Life of Unwanted Things. Part 1: Lucky Finds


It is amazing how a person’s taste changes with time. I remember myself as a teenager occasionally looking at our family’s eclectic collection of plates, cups, and bowls (some bought, some received as presents, others inherited) and dreaming of one day having my own home with matching sets of modern dishes, all in bright colours, but, most importantly, plain – no flowers, patterns, or any frilly decorations. Fast forward 15 years and here I am – screening online sites and charity shops for charming bric-a-brac. Vintage plates, cups, or saucers anywhere? Something in dainty porcelain. Decorated with flowers, please.

Eventually, one by one, ‘ownerless’ things start creeping into the house. Mostly from charity shops. I now have a terracotta utensil jar from Portugal, small glass dish with lid made in Italy, little saucers from England. I have even got some plates made in Czechoslovakia! Talk about going back in time. I am a Lithuanian living in Ireland and eating from the plates that were made at least 20 years ago in a country that does not exist anymore!



That is part of the charm of second-hand objects. Continue reading