Little things that feed the flame


Sushi Night

Our family loves sushi. Even the little one loves it (expensive tastes this one has). Going out to a little Japanese restaurant in the city, where, once in through the door, you feel like you have travelled thousands of miles by crossing over that threshold and entered a little piece of Japan, is a brilliant treat. But it is expensive. (And not that easy to organise.) Buying tiny sushi boxes in a supermarket does not come cheap either. For a while now, I have been thinking of trying to make sushi myself. And today I did.

For the first time, I limited myself to nori maki – a simple enough to make sushi roll, where the filling is surrounded by rice and kept together with the seaweed. It wasn’t bad, even if I say so myself. Definitely, plenty of room for improvement (notes for next time: less rice, more flavour in the fillings, and definitely find where to buy the thinly sliced and specially prepared ginger that comes with the bought stuff). But it did look and taste like sushi. So, that’s a success 🙂


The very first roll in the making. Salmon and cucumber.

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