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A Trip Down Memory Lane to Dingle, Ireland

It is a dark miserable day here today. The rain blasting on my window with fierce power, the wind wildly knocking about in the chimney like a trapped feral. Luckily, I am sitting inside wrapped in my green lambswool throw and the fire peacefully flickers away. I love today’s misery whilst I am cozily tucked at home. This is the day to stay at home.

Lately, however, I have been living with the urge to flee, to go exploring. I am getting tired of winter hibernation and my mind is getting carried away with making holiday plans for the year. It is too early, though. Not yet… While the Irish winter (as mild as it is this year) has not released its grasp yet, I resort to trips down memory lane. As well as down to the computer hard drive, where the pictures are stored. It is there that I decided to take you as well on this wet and miserable Friday morning.


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One spring in Paris… Peoplewatching in the City of Lights

laVie1c Paris. Surrounded by myth and magic. (So much so that it is difficult to objectively make your own mind about it, isn’t it?) Its reputation inevitably precedes it. But maybe that in itself is inevitable – what with all the history and art and literature and the eccentric French…

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What If We Live Our Life Now?..

The following post started in my head as an inspirational story. As it should be. But then it suddenly got up and went its own way… That is the nature (and beauty) of writing, I suppose.

Traveling Boots - Scotland

What were you doing with your life in your early twenties? Or even thirties/forties/fifties for that matter?.. A few days ago Continue reading


Connemara – The Wild and Beautiful

You know those scenes in movies when a rushing protagonist is forced to slow down because there are nonchalant sheep roaming the road? Well, you can experience it live for yourself in Connemara, West Ireland. After months of wishing it into existence, I finally packed my bags and my family and went there for three days. Three days that felt a bit like leaving this world and travelling to some parallel universe, an alternative reality. And not only for the sheep, Continue reading