Little things that feed the flame

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Welcome to My New Home!

A blog is not a book. One cannot write it all and then come up with the suitable title. The first thing one has to do is register a blog name.

When I first decided to start a blog, I thought hard and long to come up with a suitable name. I thought this was such a responsible first step. I needed something that would be easy to pronounce, easy on the ear, be cool and unique, to be noticeable, but also meaningful. I could not come up with anything to my satisfaction.

And then somebody advised me to go and make the first step. Instead of planning the grand entrance, instead of waiting for the whole concept to be well thought out and polished, I was advised to take action here and now. To start writing and worry about the rest later. That’s exactly what I did. Continue reading


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Hello and Welcome!

So, here it is – one more blog in the sea of plenty. It feels great to finally kickstart it after months of pondering whether I should or should not take it up. It is also overwhelming to realize the minuteness of this little space that I am trying to create here amongst the enormous wealth of information, insight, and stories already on the world-wide web. Somewhat like finding yourself so insignificantly small when gazing at the starry August sky…

My main fear and doubt was whether I would have enough time and perseverance Continue reading