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Hello Hello!..


Well, it’s been quite a while!.. I’ve gone totally AWOL, haven’t I? Life took a little change of pace and, in keeping with my self-declared purpose of a ‘real and tangible life‘, I could not prioritize tapping away at my computer over actually living out the days away from it. I missed writing and was tempted to return here a few times. And, as you can see, here I am. Restarting šŸ™‚ Giving it a try at least. Maybe less often and less regularly, but I do hope to keep sharing snippets of my life and thought with the small but lovely audience that used to visit this space.

In the meantime I have started a Facebook page. For all things small that do not really qualify for a blog entry. I am very aware of the tendency of our world to shred up meaningful narratives into weightless fragments of few-word status updates here and there, unable to convey much depth or sincerity. That is both the reason I stopped blogging (I felt unable to give it sufficient time and attention to dig deep enough) and the reason I am daring to take it up again (I believe it to be worth finding that time and effort). I miss sitting down and giving my thoughts time to materialize into a meaningful and shareable text that can in itself contain a level of ‘narrative’ rather than a fleeting declaration of the moment.

However, I am not immune to this tendency of short declarations, I suppose. Thus, the Pebble and Rainbow – somethingĀ  between silence and actual writing. It is still at a very initial stage, but do feel free to check out (and maybe follow if you wish?..) As always, comments and reactions are very welcome!

Hope to see you soon šŸ˜‰



Sushi Night

Our family loves sushi. Even the little one loves it (expensive tastes this one has). Going out to a little Japanese restaurant in the city, where, once in through the door, you feel like you have travelled thousands of miles by crossing over that threshold and entered a little piece of Japan, is a brilliant treat. But it is expensive. (And not that easy to organise.) Buying tiny sushi boxes in a supermarket does not come cheap either. For a while now, I have been thinking of trying to make sushi myself. And today I did.

For the first time, I limited myself to nori maki – a simple enough to make sushi roll, where the filling is surrounded by rice and kept together with the seaweed. It wasn’t bad, even if I say so myself. Definitely, plenty of room for improvement (notes for next time: less rice, more flavour in the fillings, and definitely find where to buy the thinly sliced and specially prepared ginger that comes with the bought stuff). But it did look and taste like sushi. So, that’s a success šŸ™‚


The very first roll in the making. Salmon and cucumber.

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Impromptu Mini Photo Shoot of the City. Dublin with No Make-Up

I finish my shift early on a Sunday morning. The next train is not for another 90 minutes. So I set off for the station slowly, deliberately taking detours, deciding wich way to turn only when I reach another junction.

As I move through the sleepy city, its natural beauty slowly catches my attention. This is Dublin with no make-up. Still in bed afterĀ last night’s celebrations and drama. The flattering lights of Saturday night replaced by taciturn lazinessĀ of the approaching Sunday.

I have only my phone to capture the sights in front of me. The battery is blinking low, so the flash refuses to work. I manage to snap a few shots before the phone finally dies and it is time for me to get onto the train and head home.

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Foraging for Blackberries and Something More

I collect my daughter from her preschool and, instead of heading home, turn the opposite direction.

– Where are we going, mommy?

– We are going to pick some berries.


I now live in a country known for its vast green landscapes, for great wild spaces, untouched by the ‘progress’ of civilization. So it is a little funny that one of the things that I sometimes miss about my old life is…Ā untamed nature.

I grew up with parents whose idea of rest was packing a tent and leaving the world for a few days to set up camp on a lakeshore. Or at least treading the woods for a few hours foraging for wild mushrooms. I miss that. I miss the sense of Continue reading

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Passionate or Curious About Home-Made Bread?

Hi, folks. I thought it might be about time for me to show my face around here, so to speak. Lately, I have been immersing myself in real, very non-virtual life. The little one has started preschool and we are all enjoying this new stage in her life as well as the change of routine to ours.

I haven’t abandoned cyber-space entirely, though. I have actually started a new project. It’s got to do with bread.painDeC05

I mostly make my own bread for our family’s consumption. Continue reading

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Living With – and Through – a Three-Year-Old

What is this?Ā – asks my intrigued daughter pointing at the drops of dark red liquid slowly seeping out of her scraped knee. Once again, I am reminded of how differently she sees this world – unfamiliar, unexplained, enchanting… Nothing ‘goes without saying’, everything is an exciting revelation waiting to be discovered. One of the great rewards of being a parent is taking this journey of discovery together and having your eyes reopen to the things you thought familiar, ordinary, common… Or, to be more truthful, to the things you did not even think about or notice anymore. Seeing the world through the eyes of a three-year-old makes you question and wonder.
As I stick colourful plasters on her wounds, my girl has another ‘what is this’ moment.zaizdos

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On Holidays. Joys of Summer Living

2blogCombi2Well, that’s typical. We were getting ready to go on holidays. I got a blog post ready, so that I can type it in when I am away. Tore it out of my pretty notebook and… left it on the counter in the kitchen. So much for advance preparation…

And now, we are in a different world, on a different timeline. Life is good, tinted with the taste of summer. Days go by surrounded by family and friends, with us relaxed into our own selves. Lazy summer evenings, nostalgic meals. Holidays.

Here’s some snapshots of our recent days. See you back in the real life!

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