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The People Are Back!


A good while ago, I shared my daughter’s first drawings of people. They appeared mysteriously, out of nowhere, and then ceased to be in the same mysterious manner. After those drawings that I shared, she never drew people again. I asked her to try a few times, but she blankly refused. So I abandoned the topic.

Yesterday, I was trying out this new recipe for our Sunday breakfast. It was taking me a while, so the bored girl got out her markers, some paper, and started working away to pass the time. And all of a sudden the people were back! Six months after the first incident, once again without prompting or anything to explain this timing, she started drawing people. And this time they were not just random faces, but the people she knew very well – our family!


“This is my Daddy. My Daddy is beautiful.”

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One spring in Paris… Peoplewatching in the City of Lights

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We’ve Got People!

IMG_20131031_0003b Hi. This is a very quick impromptu post to share a mother’s joy that will probably seem a little silly to the rest of the world.

My little one is my first child. Thus, apart from textbooks that tell when children should sit, stand, or crawl, I do not really have a point of reference for when any other ‘milestones’ are coming around. We just sort of live and see. It so happens, that today we made another little ‘first‘ in the flow of our ordinary days. Continue reading